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I have a couple of information sheets which may be of interest for those of you who are thinking of growing or who already hooked on growing and harvesting olives.

The Olive Fact Sheet can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document by clicking here. This sheet contains information that will help you grow and care for your olives

The Olive Variety Notes give information on the varieties I have for sale from my nursery. Click here to download a copy.


All olives should be kept to not more than 3m tall and vase-shaped for ease of harvesting, by pruning straight after harvest.

All trees sold from our nursery are $8 + GST and we aim to get them to around a metre high before delivery.. but don't always quite succeed!

They are staked and pruned during their youth in the nursery to achieve a reasonably uniform shape and size.

It is a good idea to book ahead for substantial orders so we can plan and propagate to your requirements.