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Mac's Bromeliads

Bromeliads need a free-draining soil if grown terrestrially. Hardier varieties may survive in heavier soil but will generally perform better in a porous medium.

Light exposure is specified below for each variety listed.

Our Bromeliads have all been grown successfully outdoors in Northland and are well hardened to our climate unless specifically stated.

Name Comments
Bromeliads THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION RIGHT NOW..we hope to have it complete in May 2012
Aechmea apocalyptica  Aechmea apocalyptica: The royal blue and vibrant orange flowers of this small Aechmea really do look like the flames of the apocalypse. Dark olive green leaves, forming a small, upright rosette. Very hardy and able to withstand salt spray, wind etc. $12.00
Aechmea 'Ann Vincent'  Aechmea 'Ann Vincent': A hybrid of Aechmea calyculata and Aechmea caudata. This is an excellent large plant for landscaping. Broad dusty green leaves with blueish tips and bases, slightly tinged with rose. $12.00
Aechmea 'Blue Rain'  A medium-large rosette of dusty-green lightly toothed leaves produces a stunning blue and red inflorescence which lasts several months. Needs bright shade. $20.00
Aechmea blanchetiana  
Aechmea blumenavii  
Aechmea bromeliifolia  Interesting pear-shaped form with grey-green leaves. The flower stalk has rose-coloured bracts and a pine cone-like spike of white or pale yellow flowers that soon turn black. The plant varies greatly. Shade to morning sun. great for landscaping among rocks. $15.00
Aechmea 'Burgundy'  A large graceful rosette with dark, waxy, burgundy coloured leaves which glow with colour when grown in good light. The inflorescence is a very attractive purple and white. Bright light indoors or bright shade outdoors. Can handle morning sun. VERY HARDY. $18.00
Aechmea calyculata  
A. calyculata flowers
Aechmea caudata  
Aechmea caudata variegated  
Aechmea caudata var. melanocrater  Cultivar of caudata. Southern Brazil. A very handsome, robust plant. The centre, base and leaf tips are a definite dark blue. The large ovate inflorescence with bright orange sepals and yellow flowers makes this a very attractive plant. Bright shade or morning sun. $15.00
A. melanocrater flowers
Aechmea coelestis  
Aechmea comata  
Aechmea covata  
Aechmea cylindrata  
Aechmea cylindrata Giant Form  
Aechmea disticantha  
Aechmea disticantha var. 'Schlumbergeri'  
Aechmea fasciata  Stout upright vase-shaped, grey-green plant with broad stiff leaves, the undersides heavily barred silver. The long-lasting pyramidal inflorescence stands above foliage, bright pink bracts and lavender flowers. Useful indoor plant. Outdoors; dappled shade to morning sun. $20.00
Aechmea fosteriana  
In flower
Aechmea 'Foster's Favourite'  
Aechmea gamosepala  Southern Brazil/Northern Argentina. Medium sized plant with smooth, glossy green leaves. The rose-coloured cylindrical flower head has blue-petalled flowers. It flowers readily and is a prolific grower. Excellent under trees. Likes bright shade. $10.00
Aechmea gamosepala 'Nivea'  Same as above but with red sepals and white petals. $12.00
Aechmea gracilis  
Aechmea 'Karamea Topsy' A dainty, hardy and vigorous small plant with pointed light green leaves. Startling purple inflorescence appears in Autumn and Winter. Leaves blushed red at flowering. Full sun or bright shade. $10.00
Aechmea lamarchei  
Aechmea 'Lucky Stripes'  
Aechmea lueddemanniana  
Aechmea 'Mary Hyde'  
Aechmea mexicana  
Aechmea mulfordii  
Aechmea nudicaulis var. cuspidatus Brazil. Very showy and quite hardy. The rigid tubular leaves are dark brown shading to green with an almost black cusp at the ends of the leaves. The inflorescence is more loosely arranged than the other forms with a brilliant red scape and bright yellow petals. Bright shade or morning sun. $15.00
Aechmea nudicaulis 'Silver Streak' Rigid upright smokey pink leaves, heavily frosted with silver bands. The flower head has very bright yellow flowers and brilliant red scape bracts. $20.00
Aechmea orlandiana Brazil. A striking, medium sized plant. Pale green leaves marked with zig zag bands ranging from maroon to black. The leaves become blotched maroon to nearly black in bright light and full sun. The compact panicle of the inflorescence is borne on an arching spike. Bracts are salmon-scarlet with pale yellow flowers. Bright shade or morning sun. $15.00
2nd image
Aechmea ornata var. nationalis A fairly large plant whose many stiff cream and green striped leaves form a rosette resemblinga small agave. The inflorescence,a compact panicle, is borne on an arching spike with scarlet bracts and pale yellow flowers. Bright shade to morning sun. $22.00
In flower
Aechmea pimenti-velosoi  
Aechmea pineliana  
Aechmea pineliana var. minuta   Outstanding for its colourful grey, bronze and pink foliage and shapely rosette. the little yellow pine-cone on a scarlet stem stays in colour for months. Full sun. Very hardy. $12.00
Aechmea recurvata  A bulbous form about 20cm high with stiff recurved leaves. The whole plant turns bright red when flowering. Flowers are pinky-mauve. A very tough plant that will take full sun and frost.$12.00
Aechmea recurvata var. benrathii A miniature plant which clumps well. Dark green leaves are purplish black at the base. The centre leaves turn brilliant cerise when in flower and even brighter in the centre. The flowers are pink, turning mauve. VERY HARDY. Full sun. $10.00
Aechmea 'Red Bands'  
Aechmea 'Royal Wine'  
Aechmea spectabilis  
Aechmea warasii  
Aechmea weilbachii  
Aechmea winkleri  
Alcantarea geniculata A medium-large species with green foliage in a 1m rosette. The striking inflorescence is about 1m tall with deep pink bracts and many creamy branches with bright yellow flowers. $25.00
Close up
Alcantarea glaziouiana  
Alcantarea imperialis rubra Very imposing, dramatic species. This giant terrestrial species has purple red broad leaves and is only for outdoor growing. It can have a spread of over 1.5m and reach 2.5m high. The branched inforescence has glossy, deep red bracts from which emerge white or yellow flowers. Makes a great landscape specimen. Full sun. $25.00
Alcantarea nahoumii  
Ananas bracteatus    Red Pineapple. Smooth leafed and thorny wild forms. Dark reddish pointed leaves. Bright red inflorescence with purple flowers. As heavy fruit ripens it turns pale yellow, edible and sweet. Pups appear prolifically around base and top of fruit as well as from the base of the rosette. $15.00
Billbergia distachya  
Billbergia 'Foster's Striate'  
Billbergia 'Hoelscheriana'  
Billbergia 'Muriel Waterman' A beautifully banded upright medium sized plant with plum coloured leaves and silvery bands. Theflower head has pink bracts with satiny vivid blue petals. Bright shade or morning sun. $20.00
Billbergia pyramidalis  
Billbergia pyramidalis var. concolor  
Billbergia 'Santa Barbara'  
Billbergia 'Vesuvius'  
Billbergia vittata  
Billbergia vittata hybrid   
Billbergia zebrina  
Bromelia balansae  
Canistropsis billbergiodes 'Persimmon'  
Canistropsis billbergioides 'Citron'  
Canistropsis billbergioides 'Tutti-Frutti'  
Canistropsis burchellii  
xCryptbergia 'Mead'  
xCryptbergia 'Red Burst'   
Edmundoa lindenii var. rosea A large plant. Broad waxy pale green leaves mottled with darker green. The pink flowerhead emerges in the centre of the rosette on a short stem, resembling a short tulip. The flowers in the cupped inflorescence have white and green petals. Shade or filtered light. $15.00
Guzmania 'Diana'  
Guzmania 'Ostara'  
Guzmania 'Rana'  
Guzmania 'Red Hybrid'  
Guzmania wittmackii    
Neoregelia 'Alyssa' NEW: developed in this nursery. Unusual medium-large Neo with strongly recurved bright green, closely layered leaves growing from a raised stem. At flowering the centre of the rosette colours bright carmine red. Bright shade or morning sun. $20.00
Neoregelia 'Amazing Grace' Vivid longitudinal red stripes on pale green leaves characterise this striking hybrid. Bright shade or half day full sun. $20.00
Neoregelia 'Apricot Beauty' Medium sized rosette. Rusty-red leaves in full sun with patches of green and a red centre. Full sun or bright shade. $15.00
Neoregelia 'Barbarian' Handsome green leaves finely speckled all over with small maroon dots. The outer half of the leaves become redder at flowering time. Full sun for half the day or bright shade. $15.00
Neoregelia 'Bobby Dazzler' A very handsome medium-large rosette of dark smokey maroon red. Can take full sun or bright shade.
Neoregelia carolinae  Shiny green leaves and a variable red centre which intensifies to brilliant cerise or scarlet at flowering. Bright shade. $12.00
Neoregelia 'Coolbaugh'  Large and wide-leaved. Greyish green overlaid with purple and edged with black and a deep purple centre. Afternoon sun. $20.00
Neoregelia concentrica    This variable group consists of medium to large, robust plants with wide leaves. Very hardy with various coloured centres of brilliant colours ranging from pink, red, mauve, purple and blue at flowering. Morning or afternon sun. $15.00
 Neoregelia concentrica albomaginated  An extremely attractive plant with creamy white margins on the leaves and a deep purple centre at flowering time. $15.00
Neoregelia 'Crimson Nest'  A medium, well-shaped rosette with crimson leaves edged green. The inner leaves turn a rich dark red at flowering making this a highly decorative variety. Full sun. VERY HARDY. $18.00
Neoregelia 'Exotica Red Glory' Very handsome plant with wide dark red leaves splashed with green. Very hardy. Best in full sun. $20.00
Neoregelia 'Deb'    Medium sized rosette of green shiny leaves and a startling intense red centre at flowering. Bright shade. $15.00
Neoregelia 'Dexter's Pride' Very handsome medium large rosette of sooty purple/charcoal leaves dusted with silvery powder. The centre flushes purple at flowering. Full sun or half day sun. $20.00
Neoregelia 'Freckle Face' Medium sized robust plant. Ruby, rusty-coloured leaves with small lime-green spots when grown in full light. Full sun. Hardy. $15.00
Neoregelia Karamea 'Footloose' Medium rosette with deep pink leaves with red tips and a red centre. Full sun or bright shade. VERY HARDY $15.00
Neoregelia kautskyi Very sriking golden plant splashed with coppery-red markings. Best in full sun. $20.00
Neoregelia 'Lila' Medium sized with light green leaves and darker blotching. At flowering the inner leaves turn a very bright vermillion. Last in colour for many months. Bright shade. $12.00
Neoregelia 'Maggie's Pride' A variegated plant of upright habit. The shiny leaves are broad and boldly variegated with a pinky mauve suffusion in good light while the centre flushes rosy red when in bloom. $18.00
Neoregelia 'Marcon' A large golden coloured plant blotched and marbled with red with maroon tips. Afternoon or morning sun. Hardy. $15.00

Neoregelia marmorata


A medium sized rosette. In very bright light it becomes such a dark maroon that it is almost black, spotted green. Very attractive. Morning or afternoon sun. Colourings can vary. Very hardy. - $15.00
Neoregelia 'Meyendorfii' (albomarginated)  
Neoregelia 'Purple Heart'  
Neoregelia 'Purple Star'  
Neoregelia 'Sharlock' Medium-large upright rosette of deep maroon red leaves lightly flecked with green. The centre flushes a deep glowing purple at flowering. Very hardy. Full sun. $18.00
Nidularium fulgens Southern Brazil. Very attractive medium rosette 45cm in diameter, delicately mottled with darker green spots. Bright red bracts a brilliant contrast. Bright shade or morning sun. $15.00
Nidularium longiflorum    Brazil. Large green Nidularium with slightly elongated inflorescence, bracts green at the base with the outer half vivid orange-red. Shade. $18.00
Nidularium 'Raru' Medium sized Nidularium with dark green leaves and deep red inflorescence. Shade. $18.00